Shinobi Shoes

The Brothers founded Shinobi Shoes in 2019 when they discovered Spingle MOVE in Kyoto, Japan. In December of 2019, four months after their return from Japan, Shinobi Shoes was born on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California. During a three-week pop-up, the Brothers saw a wave of customers become loyal fans of these distinct handmade shoes. With a budding company and unmistakable style, the Brothers forged the foundation for a new apparel outlet for men.

Shinobi Menswear

2020 came with the exciting news of Shinobi Shoes expanding to mens' apparel with a new and permanent store in Glendale, California: Shinobi Menswear. March was the new official opening but the year 2020 had something else in mind. As Corona Virus shut down Los Angeles and riots destroyed businesses all over the country, Shinobi Menswear and the Brothers faced going out of business. 


Two months into the rocky start of Shinobi Menswear and failure on the horizon, a customer visited in Glendale. A pro-golf instructor, Charlie, met the Brothers. "Huh, really cool stuff. What are you doing here?" Charlie mentioned Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California, as a beautiful luxury destination which matched the feel of Shinobi, and suggested we move there. After all, it was open while LA had shut down. It was enough to explore and with new hope, the Brothers moved. 

No Suit Required

Charlie was right. In August of 2020, the Brothers opened Shinobi Menswear in Fashion Island and less than a year later, the Shinobi brand expanded to Texas. Now, slowly and surely, the Brothers are working to inspire men to be the best-dressed in any room, no suit required. Far beyond Kyoto, these unique shoes have kicked off a movement for men to be men and look great while they do it.