Golden Black Obsidian Black Hole Sun Bracelet

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Size Men XS-7.0"
Color Gold

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Story Behind the Jewelry

The bracelet is comprised of golden obsidian which has very subtle iridescent hues of gray and gold.  'Black Hole Sun' is one of the most recognized songs by Soundgarden. Chris Cornell wrote this song in 15 minutes and said it had "no identifiable lyric idea." This leaves the song up for interpretation to the listener.

Designed and handmade in Newport Beach, California. USA.


Obsidian is a fascinating stone recognized for providing no boundaries—like a black hole.


Golden Obsidian, Sterling Silver or 14K Gold


Size and metal can be customized. Bracelet average size for women is 7.0" and for men 7.75" inches. For sizing please go to our Measurement Guide.