Swing Cuff by Craighill

Size Small
Color Vapor Brass

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Fulfilled by our friends at Craighill

The Swing Cuff marks a new level of sophistication in our approach to jewelry, with contours that echo the human form, and an opening mechanism that quite literally exists on a different plane, pivoting horizontally rather than vertically. The result is entirely new, both formally and experientially.

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Precision-machined from stainless steel, the Swing Cuff is composed of two identical arms, resulting in an assembled form that is perfectly mirrored. The hinge hardware is so subtle that it practically disappears, lending the overall object a sense of total continuity. The real magic lies in the moments of movement. Held together securely by four small magnets, the Swing Cuff swings open and closed on the horizontal axis, providing a surprising, unfamiliar, yet appealing new experience.

For all of its meticulous engineering and mechanical appeal, the Swing Cuff reads as delicate and featherlight. It’s a wholly successful merger of technical boundary-pushing and aesthetic refinement.

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  • Machined stainless Steel
  • Vapor Brass and Vapor Black finishes are PVD coated for superior durability
  • 3" x 2.5" x 0.25"
  • 1 oz