Aviator Skull Bead Bracelet

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The iconic skulls have posed as different characters throughout the years. A crowned king, the Britannia pirate, and now the fearless aviator decorated in uniform is ready to take flight, wearing a black IP-plated aviator hat and goggles. Paired with lapis lazuli beads and finished with a macrame closure which is made to adjust in size.

To open, simply pull the two ends of the bracelet away from one another. Set in stainless steel. The color and natural formation of the semi-precious stones differ from one another due to natural variation, making each piece truly one of a kind.

Most men wear size Medium

Lapis lazuli stone is a deep blue semi-precious stone mined in Pakistan and has been used since ancient times. Strongly associated with power, wisdom, and truth. Finished with a Black IP-plated stainless steel with black-colored macrame closure.